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Other Guild News

A Big Congrats to the guild!

Rhoonnaa, Oct 10, 10 12:29 AM.
Congratulations everyone who came to ICC tonight. It was a fantastic run and very entertaining. Downed the first quarter with no wipes on the bosses and extended our raid lock for next Saturday. ICC is on the calender for next weekend already and there are a few things I want to address.

1.) Unless you are 100% sure you can make it, please go tenative instead of accepting, if you accept we rely on you to be there and if you don't show then we are hurting to find someone to take your spot.

2.) Everyone needs to have vent, Deadly Boss Mods addon, as well as Omen Threat Meter.

3.) You all ROCK! hehe :D

Again congratulations all and I hope to see even more guildies show up next weekend.

Please note that the in game calender invite says 25 man, but if  we don't get nearly enough sign ups then we will go to a 10 man, it is there just in case :)

Best of luck in your hunting this week, and I look forward to seeing you all on throughout the course of it :)

Thank you All!

Rhoonnaa, Sep 26, 10 12:42 PM.
ICC went great this weekend. We finally got past Saurfang and are now onto Festergut and Rotface. I want to thank everyone who came along, through our wipes and stress we managed to function as a team, and pull it off. Awesome team work and I hope to see everyone next weekend as well. Please remember that raid times are in EST time since for some reason Blizzard has this thing about changing our server time periodically. Thank you all once again for coming out and making our Saturday night wonderful!

ICC This Saturday

Rhoonnaa, Sep 22, 10 3:27 AM.
Weekly is scheduled for this Saturday at 8:00 pm, check the in game calender for your invite. Following the weekly we will be doing ICC10 at 8:45 pm or so. Please remember that raid times are in EST.

We want everyone who can make it to come sign up, if we get enough sign ups, we may be able to do 25 man and just pug in a few people that we are missing. How awesome would that be :D.

Deadly Force Thanks You

Rhoonnaa, Sep 18, 10 1:57 PM.
Due to the changes in Cataclysm, we are going to be the leaving the ranks the way they are for now. Once Cataclysm comes out and we see what we are dealing with, we will then decide on whether to change the guild ranks.

ICC10 went well this Friday, and we hope to pick it back today. If not don't fret, there is always next week to try again. After all we are just getting into the hang of raiding, and it would not progressive if we didn't have to try try again.

 I want to thank all our members for their continued support here in Deadly Force. I also want to thank our officers for everything they do to ensure this guild stays happy and functional. You are all wonderful people and Deadly Force is blessed to have you with us.

Deadly Force Gets a Make Over!

Rhoonnaa, Sep 7, 10 2:11 AM.
Deadly Force is getting a make over. First let's all start with welcome Lorainê as the new GM of Deadly Force! Now on to the business

With a new gm comes new rules and regulations. The previous GM and still current member of Deadly Force, decided that giving GM position to Lorainê was best because his work is very demanding and there are times when he can not be online for weeks or months at a time, however even though he is not GM he will still have an active role in the decisions made as far as the guild goes.

I would first like to start by thanking all our members and officers for their continued support of Deadly Force! Your time and patience here in the guild means alot to us and we are honored to have each and every one of you in the guild!

So the next thing to address is Guild Ranks. I will be changing the ranks around, These ranks will include ranks for casual members as well as raiding members. A post will be made before these changes are made explaining each and every rank and what criteria needs to be met in order to advance to the next rank in the guild.

The guild bank rules will be readjusted accordingly and again a post will be made with all the guild bank rules.

A post will be made later in regards to raiding and what is expected including loot rolls and coming prepared.

A post will be made in regards to the guild rules of Deadly Force, All members and especially offiicers are required to reply to the guild rules and say whether you accept these guild rules or not. If you feel something is unfair please bring it up to Lorainê in game email or whisper or post your concerns here on the website.

All members and officers must reply to and accept the guild bank and raiding rules post.
This lets me know that you have read these rules and therefore avoids any problems with members or such saying but I didn't know that.

Over the next few days, i will be posting a topic for officers in regards to officer rules and behavior expectations.

From now on Deadly Force will be knowing as a casual/raiding guild.  We are accepting members currently level 20 and up.

I feel that this change in the guild rules and such will strengthen our guild and give us an upper hand in recruitment and such. Members who fail to apply to the guild website and read and reply to the raiding rules and guild bank rules will not be allowed to do raids or ask for anything from the guild bank until they do so.

I still want everyone to enjoy there game and the environment, but keep in mind that we  must also have rules and regulations or the guild will fall apart. I am not doing these changes to make things harder but more structured and to give us as a team a fighting chance in a world where recruiting and keeping members is becoming scarce.

DO NOTE!!! All officers needs to be actively recruiting when online. It doesn't take much, if you are in a major city just send out a quick recruitment message. We need to get this guild up there, for our raiders and non raiders, we want diversity, strength, encouragement, and integrity in this guild.

Well I will leave it there for now. Until next time take care and and remember you are part of a team!
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